I hosted an event this week for colleagues to learn more about the diet we will be undertaking next week as part of the ‘PKU Diet for a Day Challenge’.

Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a rare metabolic disorder which leaves those affected with the inability to metabolise the amino acid found in protein. Currently, the only treatment available in the UK is a highly restrictive and complex low protein diet.

Members of the All-Party Group on PKU are therefore taking part in this challenge to raise awareness of the condition. Our challenge is to eat a diet that gives you an incredibly low amount of protein – no more than 10g a day.

I am very proud of my work as Chair of the All-Party Group on PKU. We are hopeful that increasing the awareness of this condition will encourage the Government to improve access to medicines such as Kuvan, which is a drug used to treat PKU patients throughout Europe, but is not available in the UK.


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