Last week I had the pleasure of chairing the latest meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG).

We looked at recent research, which found that those living in fuel poor and vulnerable households are more likely to be victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. The prohibitive costs of heating homes means that not only are they more likely to engage in dangerous behaviour – like using kitchen hobs or ovens to heat their homes, or not getting their appliances serviced as they can’t afford it. They are also often living in precarious housing situations where they feel like they cannot challenge their landlord or are hard to reach by professional services. If their vulnerability is health related, they are also more likely to spend more time in the home, increasing the likelihood of long-lasting effects from low level exposure.

It was troubling to hear some of the experiences people have had with this. I was therefore glad to have the opportunity to discuss what more can be done to help those worst affected by this. I’m look forward to more opportunities to work with APPCOG in the future, and hopefully help those who need it most.