Blaydon Quarry Tip Update:

Today I have again called on the Environment Agency for the closure of the Blaydon Quarry tip due to the ongoing and persistent breeches of their permit.

Over the last two days I have received further complaints about odour and concerns about the perceived lack of correct coverage of the site waste.

I have also raised concerns about the impact of the flooding and subsequent closure of Liddle Fell Road and pressed for an urgent drainage solution to ensure this doesn’t happen again in the bad weather.

The Environment Agency has stated that they are now involving additional officers to cover incidents at the weekend, however this only seeks to manage the problems rather than prevent them.

Again, if you experience any odour or have other concerns please report them to the Environment Agency complaint hotline on 0800807060 as the number of complaints dictates the level of action.

I will continue to fight to prevent the detrimental impact this is having on our local communities and press for early closure of the site.