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I was delighted to be involved with the launch of a report on Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and Neurorehabilitation yesterday. I have recently been working to raise awareness of the invisible epidemic that is ABI, and to raise further awareness of the Neurorehabilitation services available to those affected. I was therefore very pleased to see the release of this report.

ABI is a leading cause of death and disability in the UK. It is a chronic condition with hidden disabilities and life-long consequences.

The excellent advances in emergency and acute medicine mean that many more children, young people and adults now survive with an ABI. However, many of these individuals require early and continued access to Neurorehabilitation to optimise their recovery and maximise their long-term potential.

Neurorehabilitation improves functional independence and reduces the burden on carers, as well as improving the rates of return to work and productivity for those who are able.

Unfortunately, the number of available Neurorehabilitation beds across the UK is inadequate, service provision is variable and, consequently, long-term outcomes for ABI survivors are compromised.

It is therefore clear that the Government should bring together a taskforce to address all the issues discussed in the report, and create real change for brain injury survivors.


The report can be found here: