The Derwent Walk Country Park is a great mixture of woodlands and riverside and it is such an important part of our community. People from across the region come here to walk, sight see, fish and enjoy a lovely day out. I’m proud that my constituency contains such a great part of our history and our heritage in the North-East.

I strongly condemn the idea that we should tear through this country park to unearth a railway. With so many visitors and with it being such a popular cycle route (both for days out and as a main path on the coast-to-coast route) it would be devastating to lose this at the heart of my constituency, and I know this will be a concern for all of the surrounding communities

That is why we need as many people as possible to sign the petition below. Please click the link to download the petition, fill out your details and send it across to to help us stand up and help us save our Derwent Walk.

Derwent Walk Petition

p.s. if you know someone else who is passionate about the Derwent Walk, ask them to sign too