Liz has signed Early Day Motion 152, calling on the Government to immediately halt the sale of NHS Professionals.

The text of the EDM can be found below.

That this House recognises the value and effectiveness of the NHS; notes the success of NHS Professionals in supplying short-term and flexible staff to NHS trusts with staffing gaps at a very low overhead cost; understands that private agencies perform the same function at a higher cost by charging expensive rates of commission; notes that the use of NHS Professionals as opposed to private staffing agencies saves the NHS approximately £70 million per year; further understands that all profits made by NHS Professionals are currently reinvested into the NHS; regrets the Government’s decision to sell 74.9 per cent of its stake in NHS Professionals to a private buyer; maintains that NHS Professionals in the hands of a private buyer will cost the NHS more and will not improve the service provided; further notes that the start of the contract is set to be 1 September 2017; and calls on the Government to halt the sale immediately and retain full ownership of NHS Professionals.

nhs pros

Liz said, “Is this a daft idea or what? Tories talk about selling off NHS Professionals, which Labour set up to save agency costs. That’s why I signed EDM 152 to call on the Government to stop the sale of NHS Professionals.”