The controversial Blaydon Quarry landfill site has come under the spotlight once again after the Environment Agency refused the transfer of an Environment Permit from Octagon Green Solutions Limited to Recyclogical Ltd. The Agency said the permit was rejected because the agency “did not have confidence that permit compliance could be achieved.”

The landfill came under criticism in March 2015 after large volumes of waste escaped from the quarry in high winds and left areas of Ryton, Winlaton, Blaydon and Greenside covered in litter. Local councillors and the previous MP Dave Anderson called for the landfill to be closed.

Liz Twist, MP for Blaydon said, “The Blaydon Quarry landfill site has brought misery to the lives of many of my constituents for over a decade. We’ve been blighted by litter escapes, traffic problems and foul smells and the sooner this site is closed and safely restored, the better.

“The refusal of the permit to the new operator must raise questions about the future operation of the site and it’s time now to look at closing it once and for all.

“I will continue to fight for residents, and will keep pressing the Environment Agency, the site operators and the council to close this site. Most importantly I will fight for my constituents who have suffered problems from this site and others for years.”